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WLOA Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00 to 4:30
Effective 2/1/2018 NEW Fitness Room hours are 4:00 am to 11:00 pm
(until May 2018 when the Recreation Committee will re-evaluate)
The Willamette Landing Board of Directors is seeking your input on several proposed Capital Improvement projects associated with the Clubhouse area -- expansion of the fitness room and an on-site storage facility.  By now you should have receive  information by mail explaining the proposed projects and the rationale behind their consideration, along with a     ballot for voting on these projects.  We need a quorum of voters (96 received ballots) to consider these projects.   If you would like to submit your vote electronically, PLEASE CLICK HERE and send your ballot by email to admin@wloa.org.      Thank you very  much for your attention to this issue.  
PLEASE NOTE:  The next Board of Directors meeting is  scheduled for WEDNESDAY, March 14 , 2018.
Upcoming Events
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2018 Owner Information Contact Forms
If you haven't already done so, please submit your 2018 owner information forms to the office either via email or drop it off at the office.  Homeowners who fail to fully update their information (By-Law 2.2 and CCR 6.27) and turn in the forms by the due date of February 28, 2018 face a penalty assessment of $25 per month until the form is received.  Owner Contact form.
HOA Payments
Just a reminder, HOA statements are sent out quarterly.  Next quarterly statements will be sent out March 25 and due on April 1st.  Payments can be set up automatically via Bill Pay through your banking institution, by USPS mail, dropping the payment at the office or in the inside mailbox in the back hall way.
Spring 2018
As you being to evaluate your homes potential maintenance needs, make sure you complete a job ticket located in the Reservation Manager PRIOR to any exterior work, including paint (same colors too) and back yard landscaping.  Our Architectural Review Committee (ARC) will review your request and either approve or and ask for more information.  If you need assistance with this process, please contact the office at 541-752-0239.    
As you clean up your backyard after the winter months, remember your leaf, branch, bush trimmings and grass clippings should go into your yard debris bin.  The riparian areas associated with our walking path, the fields to our south and west are someone else’s property and should not be viewed as an area in which you can dump yard debris.  The farm land to the south and west has a new perennial crop in the field; please do not trespass into these fields.  Temporary agricultural fencing and end of sidewalk barricades will be going up along the WLOA property lines within the next month to insure No Trespassing takes place.  
Your back yard should be fully landscaped with a minimum of grass.  Please refer to the WLOA resolution on Backyard Landscaping effective 7/2010.  Since WLOA is completely built out, all homes should have a grass backyard by September 2018.  
As the weather improves we know you will be taking your dog for walks through-out all of WLOA.  Please make sure you have a doggie-do bag to pick up after your dog every time; bringing the doggie-do back to your  own garbage can.  No one likes to have doggie-do left in their front yard or park strip, OR step in it while taking a walk.  Our landscape company (which will begin mowing in earnest very soon) really dislikes mowing through or stepping in doggie-do!  Do pick up after your fur-babies!
Finally, with the warmer weather our neighborhood children may be in their driveways and front yards playing and may inadvertently end up in the street.  Please practice defensive driving and keep your speed within WLOA to 20mph.