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WLOA Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00 to 4:30
Offices will be closed July 4--6 for the Holiday.
PLEASE NOTE:  The next Board of Directors meeting is  scheduled for WEDNESDAY, June 13 , 2018.
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2018 Owner Contact Information Forms
If you haven't already done so, please submit your 2018 Owner Contact Information form either via email, USPS or drop it off at the office.  The forms were due by February 28, 2018.  Homeowners who fail to fully update their information or missing homeowner forms have been assessed a penalty of $25 per month until the form is received.  Owner Contact form.
Owner Contact Information Form


The Board of Directors of Willamette Landings Owners Association (WLOA) adopts this resolution to clarify the collection of general information from homeowners and resident tenants as needed to perform the day to day business operations associated with WLOA.


The Board will distribute the Owner Contact Information (OCI) Form annually; typically in the Annual Board Meeting packet sent in December.  It will also be available on-line to click, print, complete, scan and email to the Administrator of WLOA.  This document is due in the WLOA office no later than February 28/29th of each year. 


At a minimum the Owner Contact Information Form will collect the follow homeowner/resident data:  Owner name, e-mail and phone number; property address, mailing address, card key number, license plate number and state of issue, and the make and model of ALL cars associated with the address.   It will also collect all current tenant names, e-mail and phone number, license plate number and state of issue, and make and model of ALL cars associated with the address. It is the homeowners’ responsibility to collect and inform the WLOA Administrator of their tenant information. 


If the form is not received in the Administration Office of WLOA by the last day of February, or the form is incomplete in any way, there will be a violation fine assessed to your association account of $25/month until the form is received and fully completed.   In addition, a form will be deemed incomplete should there be tenant turn over and a new form has not been filled out in its entirety and submitted within 15 days of new tenant arrival.


Additional information may be added to the Owner Contact Information Form as necessary and approved by the Board of Directors.


Willamette Landing Board of Directors goal is to maintain your trust and confidence when handling the personal information you provide on the Owner Contact Information Form.  We train our employees in the proper handling of your personal information.  We will not share any of personal information with any outside entity and use is solely for issues that arise within the normal business of Willamette Landing Owners Association.  


Approved by J. Clark, J. Dickerson, L. Johnson, J. Myers

Effective July, 2018

Pool hours of operations are from 5:00 am – 10:00 pm. Lap swim is 8:00 am – 9:00 am and 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm. The pool area is to be completely vacated by 10:00 pm.  Everyone must enter using their OWN key card.  If you have problems with your key card, please visit the WLOA office Monday through Friday 9am-4:30pm to figure out the issue.
Per City of Corvallis Weed Abatement requirements, all areas within the City must have grasses trimmed to 10 inches of less by June 1, 2018.  This DOES include your WLOA backyard. 
Your Back Yard should be fully landscaped with a minimum of grass and mowed to "normal" length on a consistent basis.  Please refer to the WLOA resolution on Backyard Landscaping effective 7/2010.  Since WLOA is completely built out, all homes should have a grass backyard by September 2018.  
If you see an Irrigation problem please contact the WLOA Office at 541-752-0232 with the house street address where the adjustment or fix needs to be made.   We do our best to get these accomplished within 24 hours.  The warmer weather predicted for the rest of June, irrigation will run for approximately 18 minutes 6 times per week in the turf and 12 minutes 2 times per week in the beds.   Some nozzle heads will require lengthy run time to meet the needs of our grass and bushes. 
Our Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has done their annual walk through of WLOA to evaluate all homes for maintenance needs to keep our neighborhood looking attractive and well kept.  If necessary, you have received a letter indicating maintenance you need to complete on your home and by when.  This letter also contains instructions on how to establish a Request Manager Ticket for any work you are being required to do.  This ticket must be in the WLOA "system" and approved PRIOR to any work commencing.  Please call the office at 541-752-0239 in you have specific questions.    
If you leave your dog outside in your back yard, PLEASE make sure your dog is comfortable being outside and is NOT a "recreational barker".  Your neighbors  may like your dog, but may not wish to hear it bark all day long.  With Summer here we know you will be taking your dog for walks through-out  WLOA.  Please make sure you have a Doggie-Do bag to pick up after your dog every time; bring your doggies-do back to your garbage can. 
Schools Out for Summer!!  Our neighborhood children may be outside playing in their driveways and front yards.  Please practice defensive driving and keep your speed within WLOA to 20 mph to avoid an unfortunate accident if a child may enter the street quickly. 
All garbage cans and recycle bins should be off the street after Fridays pick up by Republic Services no later than Sunday at 5pm.  Per CCR 6.16, all garbage and recycle bins must be out of sight (behind your back yard fence or in your garage).  Out of sight is NOT on the side of your home which may be visible from the street. 
Your Assessment statement for the 3rd quarter has been sent out. You are encouraged to pay your Assessments on a quarterly basis.  Payments are due on April 1st and are considered late if not received by the 20th.   Payments can be set up automatically via On-Line Bill Pay through your banking institution.  You may drop your payment at the office or in the inside mailbox in the back hall way, or send it via USPS.
There is a Committee and Board of Director position available due to resignations as members have move out of Willamette Landing.  There is a 1 year position available on the Board of Directors and one position within the Compliance Committee.
If you are interested in either of these positions, please complete the Community Volunteer Form.  Click here for form.  Submit this form to Admin@wloa.org.