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WLOA Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9:00 to 4:30
Fitness Room is CLOSED until further notice.
PLEASE NOTE:  The Board of Directors meeting for August has been CANCELED.  Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 12 , 2018 at 6:15 pm in the Clubhouse
Upcoming Events
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 JULY 24, 2018
We are excited to announce that the expansion of the fitness center has begun in earnest after a bit of permit delays.  We will be expanding the fitness room by moving the south wall out about 10 feet towards the parking lot. The expansion will increase the size of the fitness room by 192 sq. ft. (about 22%).
We are running a couple weeks behind schedule on the expansion of the fitness room.  Here are the important dates that may affect users of the fitness room. These dates are still tentative as things may come up that adjust our schedule. Thank you for your patience!


  • Equipment will be moving in and out of the parking lot and at times parking may be limited.
  • One of the handicap spaces will be unavailable during construction due to safety concerns and the need to house the construction trailer.
  • July 31:  Weight machines no longer available. Machines will be moved to the small meeting room to make room for temporary wall.
  • August 13:  Fitness room CLOSED. All equipment will be moved to so work on the interior can be completed.
  • Mid September:  Fitness room REOPENED
Hours of operations:  Daily from 5:00 am – 10:00 pm. Lap swim is 8:00 am – 9:00 am and 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm. The pool area is to be completely vacated by 10:00 pm.  Usage of the pool outside of these hours will be viewed as trespassing.  Everyone must enter using their OWN key card.  If you have problems with your key card, please visit the WLOA office Monday through Friday 9am-4:30pm to figure out the issue. Do familiarize yourself with the pool rules as with any other set of governing documents, ignorance of the rules may not garner leniency if broken.   To review the pool rules click here
Reminders:  Please shower EACH time you enter the pool.  Body sweat, suntan lotion, pavement dirt and gravel wrecks havoc on our filter systems!
Please keep a close eye on your children while they are in the pools.  Sunbathing and reading are fine but you do need to scan the pool for your children at least every 20-30 seconds.  No falling asleep!  Ear buds used to listen to music should be low enough to hear your children's voices. 
If you have a sitter watching your children who are under the age of 14, the sitter must be 18 years old.  This also applies to your older child watching your younger children.
Finally, if you are leaving the pool after 8pm, please secure the umbrellas by  making sure they are closed and tied shut.  The west winds pick the open umbrellas up and break them. 
2018 Owner Contact Information Forms
These forms were due by February 28, 2018.  Homeowners who fail to fully update their information or missing homeowner forms have been assessed a penalty of $25 per month until the form is received.  Owner Contact form. 




Front Yard Irrigation and Systems

Willamette Landing Owners Association CCR 5.2 has easement (when necessary) and access to the controller, water and power to the irrigation system in your front yard.  Per CCR 5.2(d) – The Owner of the Living Unit shall not disturb this system. 

Additional information may be found within the Single Family Landscape Maintenance Definition Resolution  … “WLOA will perform irrigation start up, yearly back flow testing, minor adjustments of sprays and repair of sprinkler heads from top to threaded connection, adjustments in watering times and duration according to seasonal demands determined by the homeowners association and the landscape maintenance company, and end of season shut down. 

This information is being shared with you at this time as we have had a great deal of  “do-over” time put in by our landscape contractor in making sure all homes within WLOA are properly receiving water.  Our landscape contractor is fully aware of all irrigation settings.   

DO NOT make adjustments to your front yard (side yard too, if you own a corner lot) irrigation system.  Deviations from the landscape contractor settings may result in the implementation of an assessment fine to members who do so.

SELLING YOUR HOME?  Please refer to the new Resolution Clarifying CCR 6.10--Signs.  Here is the wording you need to know:
  • An owner or their Real Estate agent may place one sign indicating For Sale or For Rent on the property.  A corner lot may have a sign placed on each corner; with a maximum of 2 For Sale/For Rent signs per corner lot.
  • No sign may exceed 24 inches X 36 inches and must be movable (non permanent in any fashion) to accommodate front yard lawn care.
    • A 4 X 4 wooden staked front yard display is not considered movable and therefore does not meet necessary standards.
The non-moveable 4X4 wood stakes have the potential to interfere with our irrigation system AND they do not allow Northwest Landscape to properly mow your front yard.   If you have a sign of this nature in your yard, please request your realtor immediately place an approved sign. 
Please make sure your dog is ON-LEASH any time they are off your property and  have a Doggie-Do bag to pick up after your dog every time; bring your doggies-do back to your garbage can.  For any animal violations, please contact Tracy at Animal Control at 541-766-6924.  If you leave your dog outside in your back yard, please make sure your dog is comfortable being outside and is NOT a "recreational barker".   Your neighbors  may like your dog, but may not wish to hear it bark all day long.  
 Per CCR 6.16, all garbage and recycle bins must be out of sight (behind your back yard fence or in your garage) no later than Sunday at 5pm.
GO GREEN!  The Board is strongly encouraging those of you who have requested your quarterly billing be delivered by USPS to reconsider and do this via email.  It will certainly save the association printing, envelope and stamp costs.  Do give it some thought!   Do indicate in your email system that messages from Admin@wloa.org and Bookkeeper@wloa.org as safe senders.  Several homeowners have found important information sent to them in their spam file and missed important deadlines/documentation.
There is a Committee and Board of Director position available due to resignations as members have move out of Willamette Landing.  There is a 1 year position available on the Board of Directors and one position within the Compliance Committee.
If you are interested in either of these positions, please complete the Community Volunteer Form.  Click here for form.  Submit this form to Admin@wloa.org.