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Parking within Willamette Landing
CC&R 6.9 is our guidance in regards to parking within Willamette Landing.  It reads as follows:
Parking of vehicles by Owner shall be restricted to the Owner's garage or driveway.  Parking in the street by Owner is prohibited, except for any parking areas designated by the Board of Directors.
Based on this CC&R parking in the streets of Willamette Landing is not allowed by either the homeowner or tenant of a rental unit.  Parking in the street is permitted by your guests who visit from time to time with the utmost concern for neighborliness and community harmony.  If you believe you have a reasonable need to park in the street on a consistent basis, please review all the documents below to ascertain if the fit is accurate.  If so, then do submit a Parking Permit Application Form PRIOR to parking in the streets of Willamette Landing.
Documents which help clarify CC&R 6.9 are:
Public versus Private Street areas
Most residential addresses within Willamette Landing are served by the City Streets Department. However, some streets (and in some cases, portions of streets) within the development are private streets for which the Association is responsible for management and maintenance.
During the early commencement of the development, the developer had designated "Phase 1" of the development to be sited for manufactured housing.  Phase 1 encompasses SE Sternwheeler, SE Seaport Circle, and "portions" of SE Schooner, SE Marshland, SE Edgewater.  SE Everglade street is a Public (City) street. (See: Private-Public Street Map)
Because of the initial decisions made by the developer during construction of portions of these streets, the City is not able to include them into the public domain.  Therefore, the Association is charged with management and maintenance of the "private" portions of these streets.
Some residences have garages located on the back portions of their property.  Access to the garages is served through the use of common alleys.  Please observe No Parking sign in all alleys and private streets.
Private Street and Alley Assessments.
Individual residences which are served by private streets and alleys are charged a separate assessment of $8.00 per month; in addition to the standard assessment all WLOA owners are charged, to cover the maintenance and management of the private streets and alleys.