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Landscape Information

Landscape Mission Statement
Our mission is to serve our homeowners by insuring within the boundaries of our annual budget, that the front yards of each residence and all common areas have a high quality, vibrant and healthy landscape that makes our neighborhood a beautiful environment in which to live.  For specific responsibilities see the WLOA Landscape Maintenance Division of Responsibilities and the Single Family Landscape Maintenance definition Resolution.
We will accomplish this through:
  • Regular seasonal monitoring of lawns, trees & shrubs for sign of disease, over-watering, lack of proper landscape maintenance, and the planting of trees or shrubs that are inappropriate for the location or for the Northwest. 
  • Develop a budget that will provide the most cost-effective support for landscape needs in order to maintain property values and community beauty.
  • Communicate to our landscape contractor any landscape needs and/or concerns regarding their performance.  Keep the landscape contractor well informed of issues raised by homeowners.
  • Regularly informing homeowners about landscaping plans, contractor performance, opportunities for beautification, and the cost of providing landscape services.
  • Developing neighborhood projects that would include seasonal planting at neighborhood entrances and around the clubhouse.
Landscape Treatment Schedule
The landscape contractor uses approved professional practices to determine when pre and post emergent, herbicide and fertilization treatments are most optimal to be applied.  All products used on WLOA property are approved for use by Federal, State and Municipal standards.   Timing of applications is often dependent upon weather and temperature variables.  WLOA will attempt to provide the closest possible estimates of when owners can expect landscape treatments to be applied.  The 2020-23 Landscape Frequency Schedule is a strong guideline provided for your information.
Landscape Frequency Schedule
Landscape Contractor
The Association has contracted with STORM Landscape Services for landscape maintenance services.  Their crew members always have identifying uniform shirts with their name on it, typically a safety vest and Hi-Vis yellow hats or rain gear.  Do not hesitate to speak with them, especially if you are able to provide positive reinforcement for the work they do for WLOA.  However, if you have any issue, please bring that forward to landscape@wloa.org
Irrigation controls are set by STORM Landscape Services at the Boards request to maximize the effectiveness of water distribution, while using the minimum amount of water necessary to maintain an attractive and healthy lawn.  Homeowner adjustment or tampering with any landscape irrigation systems is a violation of the CCR 9.1, 6.24 and 5.2(d) and the Single Family Landscape Maintenance Definition Resolution.
Requesting Changes to your Front or Back Yard Landscape
To make changes to your front or back yard landscaping you must seek PRIOR approval via the Ticket Manager system located on the front page of this web site.  In the Ticket Manager, use the drop down menu to request the Landscape Modifications form.  Fill it out completely and submit.  This has generated an automatic message to our Landscape Chairperson and the committee members to review your request and provide you necessary authorization or questions to keep the aesthetics of Willamette Landing consistent and healthy.    
Prune Your Front Yard Landscape--Pruning Opt-Out
Willamette Landing Owners Association is offering its owners the ability to prune their bushes/shrubs of their front yard via the Landscape Modification Pruning Opt-Out Form in our Ticket Manager system.  This is for our owners who have expressed their desire to prune and care for their bushes/shrubs.   The landscape contractor will continue to oversee the other basic maintenance of your front yard (such as mowing, blowing, etc.).  The Board of Directors has an expectation that the care you provide to your bushes/shrubs will be in alignment with the other front yards in the neighborhood.  If you select to prune your own bushes/shrubs in your front yard beds, your assessments will stay the same. 
Tree Replacement Information
You can see a list here of approved tree replacement species for the community of Willamette Landing.
Board Approved Landscape Resolutions
Material/Chemical Application Safety Data Sheets
As safety specification sheets become available regarding the type of chemistry that is being applied to our front yards and beds, they will be added here.
Material/Chemical Used                     Target                                        Timing
Round-Up QuikPro                   Weeds in shrubs and beds        Year round in dry weather conditions
SP 3 Way                                Broadleaf weeds in lawn           May through Sept in dry weather conditions
Iron Ferrous sulfate granular     Moss control in lawn                February
20.5-0-0 Granular fertilizer       Lawn                                      February
15-15-10 Granular fertilizer      Shrubs                                    March & October
24-2-4 Granular fertilizer          Lawn                                      Aril & June & August
15-10-25 Granular fertilizer      Lawn                                      October
Additional Information
Owner participation in the Landscape Committee is encouraged.  Owners are welcome to attend meetings which are scheduled on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse.  This committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors and discusses landscape management issues or concerns.  Finally, please report any hazardous landscape situation or irrigation issues requiring immediate attention to the Committee Chair at landscape@wloa.org or by contact the WLOA office at 541-752-0239.
For questions, please connect with the Landscape Chair at landscape@wloa.org.