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Architectural Review Committee

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is a group of volunteers who make decisions under Article Seven of the Willamette Landing's Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).  If you want to make improvements to your lot or home, you must complete the appropriate application form (see form links at the bottom of this page).  ARC forms are electronic through this website, under "Request Manager", or by clicking the form link below.  If you cannot access a computer, or just wish to have assistance with the system, you are more than welcome to come in the office and our staff will walk you through it. 
Before you start the process, you will want to gather supporting documentation, such as pictures, diagrams, etc., convert them into electronic form, and be prepared to attach them to the electronic application (if you are not able to do so on your personal system, bring them to the office for scanning). While under review, the ARC may contact you if they have questions and, once the ARC has reached their decision, you will be notified immediately via email through the Ticket System. Should the ARC deny your application, you have fifteen days to appeal the ARC decision with the Board of Directors.
It is important to note that the CC&Rs allow up to 30 days for the ARC to respond to new requests, so please plan ahead as far as possible.  Also, keep in mind that the Board has approved Resolutions (listed below) regarding some common improvements within Willamette Landing.  You should review them before proceeding, as your planned project may already be covered/approved via these CC&R amendments.
Overview of the ARC Application Procedure:
  1. Read Article Seven (7) of the CC&Rs, including the definition of improvements found in Article One-Eleven (1.11). This will give you an understanding of the ARC function and decision criteria.
  2. Determine the Annexation for your lot and read the Annexation to determine if there are additional CC&Rs that are applicable to your lot.
  3. Fill out the appropriate ARC form, either for a painting request or a general improvement request, and click "submit."  If you are re-painting your house, the office has Sherwin William color swatches for reference and selection.
  4. ARC strongly recommends that you contact neighbors who may be affected by your proposal, as the ARC may consider the impact on neighboring lots in their review.
  5. Once the request is submitted, the system will generate a "Ticket" with a unique number, as well as immediately notifying the committee chairperson via email of the request and the corresponding Ticket Number for their review and approval.
  6. You will hear from the ARC if they have questions or want to schedule a site visit.  Once the ARC has completed it's review, you will receive an email from the Committee Chair, via the Ticket system, advising you of the approval and any suggestion or stipulations they may have.
  7. If you have questions during the ARC review, you may connect at any time through the logging into the Ticket on the website and, writing your inquiry into the comments box, and clicking "save."  An email will be immediately sent to the chair for review and response.
For a more complete, step-by-step instruction sheet, please click here.
Other Considerations:  
Do not begin improvements before you have ARC approval.  The Board of Directors has approved a $250 fine for owners who begin improvements before they secure ARC approval.
Board Resolutions Regarding ARC Requests
The Board has passed the following resolutions to assist owners in these specific areas.  Click on the resolution for more information.
ARC Request Forms (click on the link below and it will take you straight to the Ticket system)
If you have questions, you may call or email the office at Admin@wloa.org, (541) 752-0239, or you may reach the ARC Chair directly at ARC@wloa.org