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Committee Information and Minutes

Willamette Landing Committee Guidelines

AUTHORITY: Committees provide governance, oversight and management of Association property as well as deliberate and propose policies, procedures and rules and make recommendations to the Board. The committees provide opportunity for community involvement. (Resolution on Establishing Committee Rules)

     Bylaw 4.7   Powers:  The Board of Directors shall have all of the powers and duties necessary for the administration of the affairs of the Association, except such powers and duties as by law or by the Declaration or by these By Laws may not be delegated to the Board of Directors by the Owners.  The Board of Directors may delegate responsibilities to committees or a managing agent, but shall retain ultimate control and supervision. 

PURPOSE:  Committees:

  1. Divide the work of the organization.
  2. Expedite work by removing routine tasks from monthly Board Meetings.
  3. Utilize specific talents and knowledge and
  4. Permit broader participation

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITY: Each committee understands the extent of its authority and liability. Each committee manages tasks without bias and commits the necessary amount of time to do work. Each committee reports monthly to the Board of Directors.

CHAIR RESPONSIBILITIES: 1) Have monthly meetings as needed or a committee function. Monthly meeting should be properly notified on the WLOA website calendar with an attempt to make these meetings on a consistent week, day and time each month. ; 2) Provide an agenda prior to the meeting, meeting minutes and committee attendance, or committee function debrief via email to Liaison and Office Administrator; 3) Present meeting minutes to Liaison and Office Administrator for posting on the WLOA website within 5 working days of the posted meeting when applicable; 4) Provide the Board of Directors with information regarding their meeting discussions which may include findings, actions performed or directed by the committee and recommendations at monthly Board meetings; 5) Strongly recommend at attendance at all monthly Board of Directors meeting. (Resolution on Committee Compensation)

COMMITTEE MEMBER RESPONSIBILITIES: 1) Be an active member of an established committee; 2) Attend monthly meetings a called by the Committee Chairperson OR be present at any WLOA function organized and championed by their committee; 3) Share equally in the distribution of duties necessary for the committee to function at the highest level possible for the enjoyment of WLOA. (Resolution on Committee Compensation)


Purpose: The ARC Committee is responsible for maintaining the aesthetic and structural integrity of the association and enforcing architecture related CC&Rs.


  • Complete an annual inspection of homes
  • Review any applications for modifications, additions, or architectural changes in the community in order to ensure uniformity.
  • Promulgate guidelines to maintain aesthetic standards within the community to preserve values.


Purpose: The Budget Committee is responsible for reviewing the Association’s budgets and assessing related activities, expenditures, assets, liabilities and revenues.


  • Review monthly financials vs. budget.
  • Assess funds necessary to complete maintenance over the upcoming year.
  • Estimate Reserve needs to be kept in the budget for unexpected expenses.
  • Set long term financial goals for the HOA.


Purpose: The Compliance Committee is responsible for insuring the compliance with governing documents, CC&Rs, Bylaws and Design Guidelines, is achieved. 


  • Based on the guidelines, the Compliance Committee is to respond to all violations that are reported.
  • Provide information to new residents to assist with compliance of the CCRs
  • Recommend enforcement and/or resolutions to CCRs to the Board as needed.


Purpose:  The Landscape Committee is responsible for overseeing front yard and common area maintenance.


  • Recommend landscaping improvements within the community.
  • Act as a liaison between the community and service provider(s)
  • Communicate with landscape provider(s).
  • Inspect work performed by the landscape provider(s).
  • Prepare and evaluate necessary landscape related contracts, including but not limited to RFP responses, checking references, and conducting contractor interviews


Purpose: The Recreation Center Committee is responsible for overseeing the facilities and activities at the Recreation Center (Clubhouse, Fitness Room and Pool).


  • Review and update Clubhouse, Fitness and Pool use rules to ensure safety.
  • Review and assess Recreation Center facilities repairs and maintenance, and replacement needs
  • Interview, train and oversee pool monitors
  • Review and evaluate Recreation Center related contracts
  • Serve on-call to respond to Recreation Center after hour’s issues.


Purpose: The Social Committee is responsible for fostering a cohesive community by organizing events for the entire community so neighbors can meet each other and socialize.


  • Plan events for the members of the Association involving the community to encourage participation
Amended Resolution on Committee Compensation 
Click here to join one of these committees.
Architectural Review Committee - Suzanne Billharz, Chair - arc@wloa.org
Richard Henifin, member
Melissa Livingston, member
Julie Riley, member
Budget Task Force (Ad Hoc) - Juzi (Gillian) Yu, treasurer@wloa.org
Grant Livingston, member
Landscape - Nanci Andersen, Chair - Landscape@wloa.org
Kelsey Sondreli, member
Jon Riley, member
Jennifer Creighton, member
Terri Mcdonald, member
Recreation Committee Joan Dickerson, Chair - RecCenter@wloa.org
Anne Henifin, member
Lisa Truong, member
Dan Riggs, member
Brian Orr, member
Social Committee - Sherry Dickerson -Chair, social@wloa.org
Lindsay Prothero, member
Jessica Prothero, member
Gretchen Franks, member
Kai Foster, member
Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Notes
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April 2024
ARC Annual Report 2021
ARC Annual Report of 2020
December 2020
Annual Meeting Report 2019-no report from Chair
December 2019-no report from Chair
November 2019-no report from Chair
August 2019-no report from Chair
July 2019-no report from Chair
March 2019-no report from Chair
February 2019-no report from Chair
January 2019-no report from Chair
Budget Committee Notes:
No Meeting since 2018
December 2018
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Compliance Committee Notes:
December 2023
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July 2020-no meeting
June 2020-no meeting
May 2020-no meeting
April 2020-no meeting
March 2020-no meeting
February 2020-no meeting
January 2020-no meeting
December 2019--no meeting
November 2019--no meeting
September 2019-no meeting
May 2019-no meeting
January 2019-no meeting
Landscape Committee Notes:
Annual Report 2024
December 2024
November 2024
October 2024
September 2024
August 2024 
July 2024
June 2024
April 2024
August 2020-no meeting
June 2020-no meeting
March 2020--no meeting
Recreation Committee Notes:
Annual Report 2024
December 2024
November 2024
October 2024
September 2024
August 2024
July 2024
June 2024
May 2024 
April 2024
Recreation Committee Annual Report 2020
December 2020
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August 2020
Recreation Committee Annual Report 2019
Social Committee
Social Committee Annual Report 2024
December 2024
November 2024
October 2024
September 2024
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June 2024
May 2024
April 2024
Social Committee Annual Report 2021
January 2021
December 2020
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