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541-752-0239                        (After Hours 541-286-5420) 
Office Hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm
Fitness Room Open Daily 5:00am to 10:00pm
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The 2023 Owner Contact Information (OCI) form is now available. OCI forms are due no later than February 28 EACH year and are subject to $25 per month fine if not received by the due date. Per the OCI Resolution, Willamette Landing will work ONLY with the homeowner and NOT a management company. If you are a new homeowner or a landlord and there are new renters in your home, the OCI must be updated within 15 days of their move in to WLOA. Review the Amended Owner Contact Information Resolution of 2022.
Suzanne Billharz is the new Chair of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). If you want to make improvements to your lot or home, please complete the appropriate application form in the Ticket Manager System. See the Architectural Review Committee Tab on the left side of WLOAs web page for further information. 
Stacey Gose is the new Chair of the Landscape Committee. A spring time reminder that adjustments to the front beds or back yard must be approved prior to beginning the project by the Landscape Committee via the ticket manager request process. (Ticket Manager on left tool bar).   
If you have an issue to be addressed with your landscape or irrigation system please click on "Ticket Manager" on the left page and fill out a Landscape Modification Request Form noting what the issue is. 
Section 6.4 of the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R) clearly states that no animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept within any Lot, except for a reasonable number of household pets. It further emphasizes that all pets should be reasonably controlled to prevent any inconvenience, damage, or unpleasantness caused by them. The City of Corvallis ordinance 5.03.010 states “No person shall keep within the City limits an animal which causes frequent or long continued, loud noise which disturbs the comfort, repose, health or peace of others.” Furthermore, Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 609.095 defines a dog as public nuisance if the “dog disturbs any person by frequent or prolonged noises” and the keeper of the dog fails to comply with reasonable restrictions, the keeper of the dog is subject to fines and possible disposition of the dog.
Pets can sometimes display disruptive behavior unintentionally, but it is the responsibility of their respective owners to address and rectify such behavior promptly. At times people are unaware their pet is bothering others. Please read the “Barking Dog Guide” for suggestions on how to control barking.
Per the Association's guidelines, an owner or occupant may be required to remove a pet upon receipt of the third written notice from the Association Board of Directors regarding violations of any rule, regulation, or restriction governing pets within the Property.
If your neighbor has a dog with a barking issue, we ask that you let your neighbor know, as many times they are unaware. If the issue continues unresolved then contact the WLOA Office and Animal Control at 541-766-6924 (within Corvallis city limits).
Also remember that per CC&R Section 6.4, it is essential that no animal be allowed to roam the property unattended, and all dogs must be kept on a leash while outside a Lot or within a Common Easement Area. These regulations help ensure the safety and tranquility of our community.

There are two pathways that run from SE Rivergreen Ave to the alleyway, with a 6-foot landscaped median in between. You have probably noticed there are many uneven areas on these paths caused by tree roots. WLOA has been assessing options to address this situation over the past several months. Unfortunately, the trees planted in the median are the wrong trees for the location. They are very large, with large roots and they are continuing to grow, uplifting the paths in some areas and causing them to sink in others. In addition, a homeowner had a water main leak this past summer. The leak was from a broken pipe (elbow) located under the concrete in the common area. It appears the elbow may have been a lower quality than it should have been.
The Board of Directors has been talking to various landscape contractors, concrete contractors as well as others to discuss how to:
1. Repair the pathways
2. Ensure the water lines have the appropriate elbows
3. Provide a nice esthetic for the homeowners around the path
Based on these discussions the Board has elected to take the following actions:

Phase 1. Remove all the trees in the median. These trees are oversized and some are dying. This work will occur in December, weather and conditions permitting.
Phase 2. Remove concrete. All panels that need repaired will have the concrete removed. In addition, a hole will be dug to expose the waterline in the area where the path connects the two pathways. Any repairs needed to the waterline would be made at this time (like was done this past summer). Also, and irrigation repairs will take place at this time.
Phase 3. Pour concrete. Concrete will be poured once Phase 2 is completed. We will try to complete Phase 2 and 3 in one week in January or February, but it’s possible that due to weather and scheduling it will take a couple weeks to complete. The pathways will be unavailable to use until the concrete is poured and set.
Phase 4. Replant. New trees appropriate to the site will be replanted and any replacements shrubs will also be replanted if needed.
Phase 5. Bark dust. Bark will be blown in, mid to late April.
NOTE: Alleyway access will be blocked off at the work-site as needed during each phase.
According to our CCR's, all vehicles must be parked within the driveway or garage.   However, you may apply for a parking permit, and if approved (a fee of $25) you may park on the street within the extended property lines of your home but in front of ONLY your home.  Otherwise, you must park within your driveway, garage OR any designated* area which the Board of Directors has approved.  There is NO vehicle storage on any street within Willamette Landing.  *The Board of Directors designates that on-street parking provisions of CC&R 6.9 do not apply on streets where there are no house front doors facing the street (SE Pierpoint, SE Channel, south side of SE Rivergreen including between SE Midvale and SE Shoreline, south side of the 1200 block of SE Schooner east of SE Sternwheeler, the north and south side of SE Marshland and SE Edgewater, east of the SE Everglade alley way). This permit is non-transferable and becomes null and void when the home is sold.
There are vacancies on the Landscape and Compliance Committee. If you are interested in serving your community as a volunteer on either committee, please complete the Community Volunteer Form.  Submit this form to admin@wloa.org .
Please make sure that admin@wloa.org  is listed/indicated within your email system as a "safe sender".  Important documents such as assessments and other statements have ended up in homeowners SPAM box rather than the proper INBOX.