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The Clubhouse Meeting Rooms Are Unavailable
The Office remains Closed.
To access our NEW eCheck system to pay your assessments please use this link.
The next Board of Directors meeting will be April 21, 2021 at 6:15pm via Zoom.    You are invited to join us from the comfort of your home.  Please email the Administrator at admin@wloa.org to get the login details.
April 21, 2021 Board Agenda
Upcoming Events
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The Board of Directors for Willamette Landing conducts monthly meetings.   Beginning March, these meetings will be moved to the 3rd Wednesday of each month, beginning March 17, 2021 at 6:15pm.  Currently these meetings are held over Zoom.  All residents of Willamette Landing are invited to attend the meeting.  If you would like login and password information please contact admin@wloa.org by Wednesday 10am of the day of the meeting. 
Northwest Landscape Services will be spraying our front yard beds for emerging weeds during this next week.  They are doing this ahead of a "fluff" of the mulch throughout all of WLOA, adding a bit of mulch as is necessary.  This project will take about 2 weeks to complete.
The 2021 Owner Contact Information (OCI) form is available click here.   This form was also be included in your Annual Packet of 2020.  OCI forms are due no later than 2/28/2021.  If the form is not received and completely filled out by the due date you will incur a fine of $25 per month until the form is received.  Per the OCI Resolution, Willamette Landing will work ONLY with the homeowner and NOT a management company.  If you are a new homeowner or a landlord and there are new renters in your home, the OCI must be updated within 15 days of their move in to WLOA.  Review the OCI Resolution click here.
The Board of Directors has put forward a budget for 2021 that DOES NOT include an increase in your Willamette Landing assessments.  All homeowners will pay $94/month.  Those that live on an alleyway or cul da sac will pay an additional $8 for a total of $102.   These amounts are the same that you paid in 2020.
February 1, 2021
Effective January 29, 2020 Oregon Health Authority established new criteria for operating gyms and fitness centers for the different COVID-19 Risk Categories. Gym facilities can now open with limited capacity, however guidelines for face coverings, social distancing, and cleaning protocols must still be strictly adhered. Based on the state’s new criteria, WLOA Fitness Center will reopen February 1. When Benton County falls in the “Extreme Risk” category, the capacity will be set at 2 people (see note at end of discussion). When the County is listed as “High Risk,” the capacity will be set at 4.
Do your part in minimizing the risk in the Fitness Center and the WLOA Community by doing the following:
1.       Wear a face covering at all times.
2.       Keep at least 6-foot distance from other users.
3.       Use the hand sanitizer (located at the entry) after you enter and before you leave.
4.       Wipe off the equipment you use before and after use.
1.       Reservations are REQUIRED. Walk-ins are NOT allowed. Reservations MUST be made at least two hours before the time block. This allows us to better manage the Fitness Center monitors time. If there are no reservations for a block of time, there will be no monitors on-site.
2.       Three reservations may be made per week (not including same day reservations).
3.       No key card is necessary for entry. A monitor will let you in.
4.       Children 15-17 years old are allowed to exercise with an exercising adult. Both participants need to have a reservation.
5.       The Fitness Center will be open on Wednesdays and Saturday mornings from 7:00am to 11:00 am, in the afternoons Sunday through Saturday (3:00 to 5:00 pm or 3:00 to 6:00 pm depending on the day); and from 7:30-8:25 pm on Monday and Thursday.
Extreme capacity limit is 2; however if one family reserves both spots and would like to reserve for another family member please contact reccenter@wloa.org for a variance.
If you have questions email reccenter@wloa.org.
Click Here to Make a Reservation

During the March Board of Directors meeting, two resolutions were amended to ensure a bit more clarity.  Please review them here.  Amended Owner Contact Information and Amended Resolution on Committee Compensation. 
Northwest Landscape Services has completed the backflow testing within Willamette Landing.  This is a service to all homeowners provided by the Association.  If your backflow failed, you will receive a letter from Willamette Landing with the "next steps" for you to take.    If you receive a letter from the City of Corvallis regarding your backflow, please contact us at Landscape@wloa.org We will work with the City (as we have in the past) to correct their error. 
We have installed a new drop box that can be accessed from the exterior of the WLOA Clubhouse.  The actual box itself captures items locked inside the building.  It is secure and you may drop your Owner Contact Information form or your assessments into the drop box.  The Clubhouse is at 3501 SE Shoreline Drive and the box is located in the external door in the south east corner of the building, close to the pool area.  Please make sure your item has "left the opening" and has slide down into the secure box. 
According to our CCR's, all vehicles must be parked within the driveway or garage.   However, you may apply for a parking permit, and if approved (one time fee of $25) you may park in the street within the extended property lines of your home but in front of ONLY your home.  Otherwise, you must park within your driveway, garage OR any designated* area which the Board of Directors has approved.  There is NO vehicle storage on any street within Willamette Landing.  *The Board of Directors designates that on-street parking provisions of CC&R 6.9 do not apply on streets where there are no house front doors facing the street (SE Pierpoint, SE Channel, south side of SE Rivergreen including between SE Midvale and SE Shoreline, south side of the 1200 block of SE Schooner east of SE Sternwheeler, the north and south side of SE Marshland and SE Edgewater, east of the SE Everglade alley way).
All signs association with your home should be located only in the bed area SO THEY DO NOT INTERFERE WITH TURF MAINTENANCE.  If your realtor places a sign in your yard, it may NOT be one that is a 4x4 post.   Please refer to the Resolution Clarifying CCR 6.10--Signs
It is both a CCR and CMC violation for any disturbance (such as a barking dog, parties, loud music, loud cars,  outside games such as basketball) to happen between 10pm and 7am. 
If you are hearing a dog that is a recreational barker who presents a nuisance, do contact  Animal Control at 541-766-6924 to report the issue.  The first requirement of Animal Control is to educate a homeowner rather than remove a beloved animal.   All DOGS must be ON-LEASH any time they are off your property (CCR & CMC). 
Per CCR 6.16, these must be out of sight (behind your back yard fence or in your garage) no later than Sunday at 5pm.
We have 1 committee vacancy on the Compliance Committee.   This positions requires attendance at monthly meetings and/or event.   If you are interested in this position, please complete the Community Volunteer Form.  Submit this form to Admin@wloa.org .
Effective April 1, 2020, homeowners opting to receive a paper statement will be charged an additional fee of $2.50 per statement or invoice that is printed and mailed. Go paperless and receive your invoices directly via email for free. Receiving invoices through email helps us all reduce paper to support a healthier environment and reduces administrative costs.  Review the Electronic Notification Resolution
Please make sure that Admin@wloa.org  is listed/indicated within your email system as a "safe sender".  Important documents such as assessments and other statements have ended up in homeowners SPAM box rather than the proper INBOX.