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Fitness Center and Clubhouse Meeting rooms CLOSED
from November 16 to December 2nd per Governor's Restriction.
Administrator available at admin@wloa.org or 541-286-5420
To access our NEW eCheck system to pay your assessments please use this link.
The next Board of Directors meeting will be November 11, 2020 at 6:15pm via Zoom.    You are invited to join us from the comfort of your home.  Please email the Administrator at admin@wloa.org to get the login details.
Upcoming Events
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Fitness Center Closed November 16-December 2
The WLOA Fitness Center will be closed November 16 through December 2 in order to comply with the November 13, 2020 order from the Governor of Oregon regarding the statewide 2-week freeze. The Fitness Center will reopen when the Governor removes the restriction.
If we can reopen in December there will be a few changes to Fitness Center Hours based on use and comments we received in November. The changes are as follows:
December hours EVENING hours (55 minute blocks)
Sunday and Tuesday
·         3:05-4:00 PM
·         4:05-5:00 PM
·         5:05-6:00 PM
Monday and Thursday
·         3:05-4:00 PM
·         4:05-5:00 PM
·         5:05-6:00 PM
·         7:30-8:25 PM
Wednesday and Friday
·         3:05-4:00 PM
·         4:05-5:00 PM
December MORNING hours (no change from November) 45 minute blocks
Wednesday and Saturday
·         7:00-7:45 AM
·         7:50-8:35 AM
·         8:40-9:25 AM
·         9:30-10:15 AM
·         10:20- 11:05 AM
In addition, reservations may be made for children 15 years old or older as long as they are exercising with an adult who is also exercising.
Irrigation clocks have been shut off for the 2020 season.   The backflows currently being shut off for the season and s hould be accomplished by November 18, 2020.
Your water usage may have been higher this past summer and the City of Corvallis will increase rates in 2021.  Do remember that many of you were home all summer due to Covid-19.  You probably had more toilet flushes, laundry and dishes washer usage, back yard gardening, children playing in the sprinkler or small pool.  The majority of irrigation is between the hours of 10pm and 2am to utilize the cooler evening hours to maximize water being put into the turf.   However, WLOA homeowners may need to adapt a thought process of a slight cut back in the water being applied to the front yards to practice conservation and sustainability; in other words a slight browning of your yard without jeopardizing its health.  Consumption determines the rate of your water costs and it increases significantly with the higher water usage.
Pruning will be more structured in the future, with our contractor following a mapped area each month.  This is to avoid haphazard pruning based on concerns.  Various dead and/or diseased plants will be removed over the next few months.  

In early Spring the ARC members did their annual "walk around" Willamette Landing reviewing the homes per our CCR's for necessary maintenance.  A homeowner with ARC maintenance responsibilities was lettered towards the end of June 2020, with a due date of easy maintenance by November 15, 2020 and a full house repaint by October, 2021.  Please make sure you have done the necessary ticket to fully track these responsibilities. 
During the Board meeting of June 10th two resolutions were passed and are effective immediately.  Please review these resolutions which deal with accessory structures and fence height, type,  stain and bark mulch.
It is both a CCR and CMC violation for any disturbance (such as a barking dog, parties, loud music, loud cars,  outside games such as basketball) to happen between 10pm and 7am. 
If you are hearing a dog that is a recreational barker who presents a nuisance, do contact  Animal Control at 541-766-6924 to report the issue.  The first requirement of Animal Control is to educate a homeowner rather than remove a beloved animal.   All DOGS must be ON-LEASH any time they are off your property (CCR & CMC). 
Because we live close to fields, wetlands and other open spaces, there is a great opportunity for mice, rats, raccoons, opossums and nutria to "share" your cat or dogs food if it is left outside.  Please bring it inside to keep the other critters from becoming a nuisance throughout the neighborhood.
Per CCR 6.16, these must be out of sight (behind your back yard fence or in your garage) no later than Sunday at 5pm.
According to our CCR's, all vehicles must be parked within the driveway or garage.   However, you may apply for a parking permit, and if approved (one time fee of $25) you may park in the street within the extended property lines of your home but in front of ONLY your home.  Otherwise, you must park within your driveway, garage OR any designated* area which the Board of Directors has approved.  There is NO vehicle storage on any street within Willamette Landing.  *The Board of Directors designates that on-street parking provisions of CC&R 6.9 do not apply on streets where there are no houses front doors facing the street (SE Pierpoint, SE Channel, south side of SE Rivergreen including between SE Midvale and SE Shoreline, south side of the 1200 block of SE Schooner east of SE Sternwheeler, the north and south side of SE Marshland and SE Edgewater, east of the SE Everglade alley way).
All signs association with your home should be located only in the bed area SO THEY DO NOT INTERFERE WITH TURF MAINTENANCE.
Owner Contact Information (OCI) forms are to be updated annually and are always due by 2/28.    Forms not received by the due date will fined $25 per month until the form is received. Please complete fully and mail or email.  2020 Owner Contact Information form.    If you are a new homeowner or a landlord and there are new renters in your home, the OCI must be updated within 15 days of arrival into WLOA.  Review the OCI Resolution (here).
We have 1 committee vacancy on the Social Committee.   This positions requires attendance at monthly meetings and/or event.   If you are interested in this position, please complete the Community Volunteer Form.  Submit this form to Admin@wloa.org .
Effective April 1, 2020, homeowners opting to receive a paper statement will be charged an additional fee of $2.50 per statement or invoice that is printed and mailed. Go paperless and receive your invoices directly via email for free. Receiving invoices through email helps us all reduce paper to support a healthier environment and reduces administrative costs.  Review the Electronic Notification Resolution
Please make sure that Admin@wloa.org  is listed/indicated within your email system as a "safe sender".  Important documents such as assessments and other statements have ended up in homeowners SPAM box rather than the proper INBOX.